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Thursday April 19, 2018

3:00PM EDT, 12:00PM PDT


In This Masterclass you will discover...

  • How hundreds of women have created amazing jobs and doubled their income by doing the OPPOSITE of what gurus and experts in books recommend.
  • The 3 little-known steps you need to manifest correctly. Without these, you’ll end up staying stuck and stressed, still not seeing the results you really want.
  • The 15 minute breakthrough I have every successful client of mine perform. With this, you’ll finally stop beating yourself up because you aren’t “doing enough”... 
  • PLUS: You’ll see how this controversial 15 minute method transforms your frustrations and fears into “can’t-miss” manifestations any woman can get. I say controversial because you don’t need worry, guilt or fear to get results!
  • My simple (and fun) formula for how I create abundance, resources, and success in every area of my life. 
  • The #1 mistake most spirit-centered women make (without realizing it) that almost guarantees they’ll never have enough money.
  • All this and much, MUCH more…

Laurie Morse

See You in Class Soon!